What age is the show appropriate for?

We are frequently asked, "Is this performance suitable for my children?" Sometimes an age is specified, and sometimes not, but in either case, it is a very hard question to answer. What one parent thinks is acceptable and appropriate language and subject matter for their children, another parent may find objectionable.


The performances that we present specifically for families and school children are completely appropriate for children of all ages. However, other types of performances may be another story, especially personal appearances by performers who have a familiar television or film persona. Many performers use the live stage as a platform to go beyond the boundaries of what they are able to do within the context of a film or a television show, and if you attend a performance expecting the stage version of a favorite network television show, you may be very surprised by a very different kind of performance.


We do caution you that some performances may contain language and subject material that you find personally objectionable. Especially where your children are concerned, we urge you to err on the side of caution according to your own personal or family standards.

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